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How kooponest Works

  • What is Cash back ?

    Whenever you shop at your favourite online stores through our platform, you get the option of earning some of that money back which is called Cashback. This Cashback may be a percentage of the purchase amount or it may be a fixed amount on every purchase.

  • How do you give Cash backs?

    We get commissions from merchants when you make any purchase through us. We share a large part of it with you, so that you get a better overall deal!

  • Is my cashback guaranteed?

    Our service allows you to earn cashback on purchases from our partner retailers. To qualify for cashback, the retailer must confirm that the purchase is tracked, genuine and successful (not returned or cancelled. The retailer holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the cashback transaction. We try our best to get your cashback from the retailer but cashback is not guaranteed. If the retailer does not pay us any commission for the transaction, we cannot pay any cashback for the same.

  • What is the minimum amount of Cash Back?

    Your cashback amount should at least be Rs.1 in order for us to process it. Any cashback below Rs.1 cannot be transferred

  • Can I use the money earned to recharge the numbers of my friends/family or transfer it to their bank accounts?

    Yes, you can use this money to recharge anyone’s number and transfer to anyone’s bank account. You just need to fill in the relevant details.

  • Is it safe to share my Bank account details?

    Yes, absolutely. With the kind of details you provide, we can only add money to your account. In fact we cannot add money without knowing your account details. We will never ask you for passwords or any confidential information that you should not share. We ask for Bank Account Number, Branch Details and IFSC Code.

  • If I shop twice from the same retailer, will I still get a cashback?

    You can avail Cashback savings from every retailer listed on KoopoNest as many times as you want. However, please note that this facility is available for end consumers only. If you are a business, shop, travel agent, wholesaler or if you make bulk purchases, store may cancel all our commissions and you may not earn any cashback even after it is tracked.

  • Why is my cashback status pending?

    After you make a purchase at the retailer’s website, your cashback is tracked automatically and shown as Pending under Recent Transactions section of your account. Until the retailer verifies your transaction to be genuine and valid, the status remains as Pending.

  • Why should I use the KoopoNest ?

    - Notifications: You will never miss out on another sale or discount! Get the best deal straight to your browser window.
    - Coupons and Cashback Suggestions: Get relevant Offer suggestions while browsing merchant sites. 
    - Automatically Apply Coupons: Get coupons and cashback automatically applied on your order during checkout. 
    - Price Comparison: Get the best possible price for a product across merchants and make the highest savings while shopping. 
    - Similar Products: Get notified if similar products have a better deal running to maximise your savings which shopping.
    - Price Alerts: Get alerted when the Prices drop on your favourite Products so you can buy them quickly.

  • What are referral earnings?

    - Referred earns Rs. 100 on earning a cashback of Rs. 100
    - Referrer earns Rs. 100 when Referred makes a cashback of Rs. 250 (technically Rs. 350 because this is excluding the bonus amount)
    You can track all your referral earnings by clicking on  My Account option.

  • How long does it take for Support Team to reply?

    We try to respond to support queries as soon as possible (usually within a few hours) but it may take upto 48 working hours to respond to your support query.

  • Does cash sitting in my account expire?

    Absolutely not! This is your money and we of course want to pay it to you. So even if you have gaps in your usage, the cashback account does not expire. Once you have a minimum of Rs. 250 as 'Confirmed' cashback, we can pay the money to your Indian bank account. You need a minimum of Rs. 250 as 'Confirmed' cashback for each payment request.